Story begins with a thunder

Gastos Rhor Host of Unliving Avatars

I am Gastos Rhor. I am the one of space and time where being is trapped and yet free to fight. I do no longer remember why am I here or when did I die. All my memories from other dimensions melted together in angry fury and frenzy of tangible violence. I fly through millenia of memories, strange banners flapping around shafts, dragons, shields and horses. All this seconds later transformed in visions of steel birds dropping burning comets of armageddon. I got no flesh, just starstone porcelain hard armour. I bath in blood and gore of those who oppose Sigmar. I am the master, I am the slave.


The idea of Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal army came afte long brake from hobby. I was always dedicated Bretonnia fan and was playing this army for almost 20 years now. But with AoS going high fantasy towards Thor movie I was left with no idea how to fit Brets into the new environment. And then came ExProfundis blog with Jake`s Stormcasts

Perfect colour scheme, perfect idea and setting. I am going to develop this theme from where he stopped.



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