Relictor Temple Crusade Army

Nine Lords. One for each Chamber. Nine avatars of transition between life and death. Nine of them united and standing together on the soil of Tundra Bubonicus. Surrounded by hundreds of Liberators, flanked each side by Dracothian Guard and backed with Judicators. They are here for simple purpose: to grind through daemons of Chaos, to cleanse the land of taint, mutation and evil.


This is my target for Unliving Avatars army. I am going to make unusual list with 9 Lord Relictors and 3×30 Liberators backed with two units of Judicators and flanking Fulimators. Hence Relictor`s Lightning Storm is a prayer not a spell, I can use it up to 9 times and luckily inflict 9xD3 mortal wounds on targets. Not to mention using few Lightning Chariot prayers and confuse enemy with unit deployment. I got absolutely no idea if it will work but sounds funny as hell. Lets check points:

9 x 100 = 900

3 x 520 = 1560

2 x 160 = 320

2 x 240= 480


models: 9 + 90 + 10 + 4 = 113


The biggest challenge will be converting Priest. Those Relictors miniatures are very bulky and static, luckily they are cheap on eBay so getting one for around  £5 should not be a problem. I will have to start getting some practice with Green Stuff to make each one a bit different. There are nine Chambers:

  1. Sacrosanct Chamber
  2. Ruination Chamber
  3. Covenant Chamber
  4. Logister Chamber
  5. Exemplar Chamber
  6. Warrior Chamber
  7. Harbinger Chamber
  8. Vanguard Chamber
  9. Extremis Chamber

I guess Relictor Temple is responsible to taking care of each one and guarding them with Sigmar`s might. I want to make each Priest with personal touch, converting them in a way it will be obvious which Chamber they serve. Although I didn1t read many AOS novels, with some help from Facebook group I can make it 😉

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