What is Relictor Temple?

Relictor Temple


We do not know much about Relictor Temple. There is no information in Battle tome and no solid info in novels except Anvils of Heldenhammer keep their own Relictor Temple called Black Sepulchre with inordinate number of priests.  As we have short description in our Order Battletome on page 28:

A Stormhost is organised into several chambers and commanded in war by the Command Echelon –  graduates of the temples dedicated to the disciples of the officer cadre. It is within these temples that the Lord-Celestants, Lord-Relictors and other lords and knights of the Stormhost are trained and equipped before they are assigned to specific chambers.

Apart of this – no more detail.

Relictor Temple

But hey! I want to believe there is much more! 😉 So, what do I think Relictor Temple is?

Obviously this is the centre of power for Relictors withing each Stormhost. Something resembling old Warhammer World Colleges of Magic and Warhammer 40000 Champlain`s Reclusiam Chamber. A place where the Seven Smiths Reforging is done and great monastery where twelve rituals of the archaistic Temple of Ages take place.

But for all the numbers of Stormcast Eternals and all Stormhosts in AOS universe there must be some centralised Relictor Order organisation that keeps an eye on the whole ceremony of Reforging, unification and training new Relictors as well. Hard to imagine they will just perform separately without any astonishing temple to govern from.

And there must be some kind of structure inside the The Order as well. The Highest Priest and his/hers (?) entourage, scholars, scribes, resurrectors etc. I simply refuse to believe the whole part of Stormcast Eternals lore is empty and not explored. And because of that I am going to convert The Relictor Order Master.


If you got any ideas help will be very much appreciated 🙂 I am going bare blind here and hope to see some comments to help me with this project!


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