What is Relictor Temple?

Relictor Temple


We do not know much about Relictor Temple. There is no information in Battle tome and no solid info in novels except Anvils of Heldenhammer keep their own Relictor Temple called Black Sepulchre with inordinate number of priests.  As we have short description in our Order Battletome on page 28:

A Stormhost is organised into several chambers and commanded in war by the Command Echelon –  graduates of the temples dedicated to the disciples of the officer cadre. It is within these temples that the Lord-Celestants, Lord-Relictors and other lords and knights of the Stormhost are trained and equipped before they are assigned to specific chambers.

Apart of this – no more detail.

Relictor Temple

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Relictor Temple Crusade Army

Nine Lords. One for each Chamber. Nine avatars of transition between life and death. Nine of them united and standing together on the soil of Tundra Bubonicus. Surrounded by hundreds of Liberators, flanked each side by Dracothian Guard and backed with Judicators. They are here for simple purpose: to grind through daemons of Chaos, to cleanse the land of taint, mutation and evil.


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